Who knows? Maybe the Barca of  the midgets could transfer yet another one and give us a gift!

TURIN, April 5, 2012 – Under observation for a couple of months, in recent times, the interest of Barcelona for Sebastian Giovinco has become increasingly serious. Is not the only name on the list of champions of Europe (there is also Luis Suarez of Liverpool, by Juventus followed as well) but according to sources in the Iberian market meetings Barca is one of the most debated curriculum. From the ideas it has gone to the projects, the technical evaluation to the meetings. The last one is very recent and took place in Italy: emissaries of the Catalan club have probed the ground with the entourage of Beinasco playmaker. An in-depth conversation to learn more about the contractual situation of the boy (the card is jointly owned between Juve and Parma) and to explain in person how Barcelona would think of using it. A little more next to variety Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Sanchez, in a team where more than the meter one looks at technical qualities. Pep Guardiola thinks the Atomic Ant as outside left of the trident (center Messi and right Sanchez) and realizes that all could juggle the roles of the attack. In Spain confirm the Guardiola’s ok, but they are convinced that the interest in Giovinco is disconnected from the future of the technician. After a first meeting, the parties should see each other again by the end of April. 

THE AGENT Evidence on affair come from one of his agents, Andrea D’Amico, who spoke to Sportal.it: ” Involvement of Barcelona is always nice. Giovinco is now a major player and ready for a big club, Europeans with Italy will be an additional showcase. Sebastian has talent, he’s very good technically and in the realization phase. It ‘s normal that there is interest. If Barcelona is a real option? I know that follows the boy for some time. ” D’Amico states though that first of all “Juve and Parma will have to find an agreement on co-ownership.” 

SCENARIO Giovinco at this moment has in his head the salvation with Parma and the European championship with Italy. The arrival on the scene of Barcelona, just in case, moves balances and preferences in the summer. It is no secret the desire of Sebastian to impose himself in Juventus – club where he grew up and for which he cheers – following the departure painful of 2010. In Parma has grown and matured, this season has scored 10 goals. Conte has never hidden esteem and tried to bring him to Turin. An attempt will be made in the next market, Barcelona allowing. Yeah, because in case of determined lunge of the Catalans, convincing Giovinco would be a little harder, because Juve is Juve in the thoughts of Sebastian, but this Barca is the team where all players dream of playing on the planet. 

VILLA OR SANCHEZ Different scenarios should not be excluded. The pressing of Barcelona – if it is strengthened by the next meetings – could lead Juve to change strategy: to monetize most possible to the card of Giovinco, in co-ownership with Parma. More or less 18/20 million to share with the president Tommaso Ghirardi. Juventus could also go another route, to redeem the second half from Parma and tack with Barça an exchange widened. The precious boutiques of Guardiola may be two good and intriguing attackers: Alexis Sanchez and David Villa. The Chilean objective in the days of Udine, is more complicated: not even 12 months ago, Barcelona has invested nearly 40 million. The previous Ibrahimovic (purchased by weight golden and a year later sold out to AC Milan), however, teaches that nothing is impossible. But in the role of the Swedish more than Sanchez appears to be Villa: at the beginning of Liga, before the severe injury to the tibia (is completing the recovery, should be covered for the latest games), had started to show some stomach ache. Decentralized and often hidden from the light of Messi, more wingman and less bomber. According to the filters from Catalonia in June could leave the European champions and last year (poor use and injury) by force of circumstances will resize the evaluation (in 2010 was paid 40 million). At 30 years, and after winning everything seems ready to move on. A solution in balance or a loan (to assess the full recovery) could make the case for the Bianconeri. The striker in Spain, European champions and of the World, has realized 52 goals in 82 matches with the national team. In the Liga, between Real Zaragoza, Valencia and Barcelona, apart from this year never went below 15 goals quota (in 3 occasions closed at 21, 25 and 28 goals). Revitalized Pirlo, try again with Villa could prove to be a technical and economical investment. 

source: Tuttosport (by Filippo Cornacchia)
adapted by: Mike Prise

What would you do with Giovinco?