Now that the adventure of Juventus in the Champions League is finished, you can make more precise economic budgets. “The European path – shows the journalist Giovanni GUARDALA to Sky Sport 24 – earned € 22 million and a half to Juventus. Except the cash from stadium, sponsorships and other items. Nowadays it is not possible to say whether this money will be invested in the mercato, since the company also has a repayment plan to be carried out due to the heavy debt situation.

In this sense, it will be important the opinion of Property: give priority to healthy budget or invest in the market and slow down at least part of the process of improvements that the last Board of Directors has given encouraging signs of growth. The key to the mercato will be this black and white, as well as some sale that will serve to make cash: we speak of the players who have market. The arrival of Llorente pushes one of Matri and Quagliarella away from Turin, but other players could leave Juventus at the end of the season.

Of course there are some fixed points from which to start: defenders and midfielders are not touched and above all not the intention of the company to excellent sales. Vidal has many demands and high valuations, but it is a staple of the midfield Conte, as well as Paul Pogba, that next year will have the same hierarchies consideration of the other three. Players such as French are the prototype of the modern footballer, the kind that used to grow even in Europe, the primary objective of the new Juventus of Conte. Investments allowing “