MILAN, October 17, 2012 – They were really the recommended ones, the Juventus players in National. From now on, Antonio Conte will regain Gigi Buffon struggling with the adductor of the left leg and Claudio Marchisio bruised from one left shoulder just sub-dislocated. For the recovery of both there is hope, not certainty, in view of the match against Napoli on Saturday evening in Turin. Judging by the faces, more concerned with the midfielder: “I’ll have to take exams, we’ll see,”  has only said leaving San Siro sulkily. Buffon had given forfait in the morning, Marchisio in the second half against Denmark, leaving folded on his shoulder, the same as last year twice already gave him problems. “The Usual Suspects”, back in fashion these days, have been shipped to a movie theater in the suburbs by Beppe Marotta: “Buffon is a serious professional, and some allegations that have been made are unfounded and disrespectful for a champion that gave much to Italian football and deserves a lot of respect. “

He was on the terrace of San Siro and not in the field, because to do so would be too risky: ‘If he, who before the pain is stoic, decided to stop because it is evidently considered not to be suitable for this game. “ Moreover, of Buffon would have been enough to remember the thought, “As long as they want, I do not give up to Italy.”  He should have done yesterday, after the last test, but only because he had again turned the light of the adductor. The suspicion that Juve had been pushing, was branded a offensive” “hypothesis, by the Bianconeri. Has defended the goalkeeper also Alena Seredova, with a tweet: “I don’t like the controversy about my husband, he is a great athlete and an even better father.” On the trouble muscle no doubt, so much so that even Silvano Martina, his agent that he was in Manchester, did not seem surprised, “I know that Gigi had some trouble.” From today Buffon will resume physiotherapy Vinovo, to try to be on the field Saturday.

In his place has popped out in light blue Morgan De Sanctis, the colleague of Naples, because fate has irony. He himself has defended the professionalism of Gigi, removing suspects: “I found some absurd allusions and then there was a lack of sensitivity of different parts, has gone to undermine the professionalism of people who have worked hard in the National Team. These discourses humiliate us. “ For everything else, there’s time: “To Juventus-Napoli we will think, and it seems already a lot for a game that should not be additionally loaded of tensions.” The tensions that Buffon has always had, even for the national team, “with the lump in my throat when singing the hymn,” to a mystical patriotism: “I sing the anthem with trepidation – explained during the last Europeans – and I really feel because Italy is the country where I was born. I lost two grandparents on the Piave and this is the least gesture of gratitude for them. “

Source: La Stampa (article by Massimiliano Nerozzi)