NEW PIRLO Marco Verratti is subject of close, very close observation for months now. Juventus have understood the potential of the boy in very difficult times, even before he became one of the stars of the sensational ride to the A of Pescara of Zdenek Zeman. As a result, was able to bring the negotiations to a phase practically advanced: stuff of last details to be defined as soon as one had closed the duel championship and the other had succeeded in their objective promotion. But, paradoxically, the convocation in the National team of player from the coach Cesare Prandelli, has come to greatly complicate the management plans for Juventus. Yes, because in the house Abruzzo have not lost time and immediately filled immediately seized the opportunity to touch up price. On the upside, of course. And so that distance easily appianabile between supply and demand (the Juventus initially proposed 5 million, Pescara asked them about eight) has assumed more vehement: the biancazzurri have shot even higher, reaching 12 million fee! Now, Verratti is grateful boy and said that “among the suitors he puts Juventus in the first place, but would also be willing to play another year in Pescara.” Comes without saying, however, that beyond the national team is beginning to take pleasure in living with the likes of … Chiellini, for example. Juventus and staff of  the player, therefore, will try to capitalize on this fact to try to persuade President Daniel Sebastiani not to pull too hard, just for the sake of the boy. In parallel, Marotta, will reason on technical counterparts to enter into negotiations in order to sweeten the numbers (co-ownership of Giandonato, for example, or if you need it, the loan of Marrone).

NEW VIDAL The situation somewhat similar on the front Asamoah. There is Udinese to convince and which has good game shows is reluctant to transfer as much as possible to raise the costs, but there is the possibility of the counterparty enticed by placing players in the business. Michele Pazienza, in particular, can be a wildcard key: already on loan last year, is now destined to move to Udine permanently. The next week (but not excluding an immediate surprise blitz) has planned a meeting to try to settle the matter. Notwithstanding the ability of one or the other in to look after their interests, we can not ignore the relationship of respect and friendship that exists between Andrea Agnelli and family Pozzo (for the Pepe deal, for example, was sufficient friendly business lunch at a famous restaurant in Turin on reaching an agreement). This is another wild card that puts Juventus in a privileged position compared to other claimants to the Ghanaian. Alternatively, however, remain viable tracks Nainggolan and Behrami

source: Tuttosport (articolo a firma di Fabio Riva) 
adapted by: Mike Prise