As Conte said, We have to score those opportunities that we create!

TURIN, Feb. 17, 2012 – Some Juventus player must have skipped a few feet of the Rule number ten in the game of football: “A goal is scored when the ball crosses entirely, either on land or in the air, the goal line between the posts and under the crossbar. “ Antonio Conte Has also noticed , to whom the anger has not raised the clarity of the coach: “We had several chances to score goals – said after the equal of Parma, the second 0-0 in a row – sometimes the goalkeeper did well, but sometimes we were not cool enough. “ Concept that the Bianconeri coach had also shouted in the locker room: guys, we have to score goals. 

So far, at Juve, almost everything has worked well: the pressing, the possession, even the defense, which has become the least beaten in the championship. And to say that no one weapons the feet as the Bianconeri, significantly the first by numbers of shots on the opponents face of goal: the memory is enough to say that it was not always shot from outside, but also of shots from close range, as of Giaccherini in Parma. Instead, nothing. From such a huge amount of shots, in the game, Juve knows how to squeeze only the seventh attack in the league, and the sixteenth to the relationship between goals scored and shots in the mirror. To say: Milan does almost a goal every two shots, the Bianconeri will serve four. Hard to make everything fit, then. 

source: La Stampa by: Massimiliano Nerozzi
adapted by: Mike Prise