TURIN, May 31, 2012 – Suitcases are ready also inside with those fashionable clothes that the same Eljero Elia (a bit ‘player and a bit’ designer, this year more stylist that player …) is drawn independently. It should be also the T-shirt with naked woman with whom a year ago, more or less these days, the Dutch winger was presented at airport of Caselle, first, and Headquarters of Juventus, then, to sign the contract that would make him in effect a Juventus player. For the record, despite the 35 degree, in Corso Galileo Ferarris advised him to wear a jacket at least for the sentences at the ceremony … But the appearance was little more than a detail, instead there was awareness to have torn the competition of half-europe that counts, one of the most promising players at international level. Fresh Fresh vice-world champion, South Africa. From week to week, however, we would realize that actually Elia (with the accent on the first E) was not exactly that essential player , in the schemes of Antonio Conte, able to make the final leap in quality … Never mind, all things considered: As the title proves that from next season will show on the chest Gigi Buffon and his companions. But not surprising, in the specific and more personal level, that at this point – in the light of ​​5 appearances in total made, of which only one as a starter in the league – the streets of Elia and Juventus can divide. And even less surprising that the main option for the future of Orange winger is a return to the Bundesliga. 

THE ORIGINS Already, the Bundesliga: where Elia had found full consecration. At Hamburg, to be precise, which had purchased him from Twente (in which was elected talent of the year in Netherlands 2009) allowing him to play continuously, to earn the national team, becoming the protagonist, to show off. It is no coincidence, then, that remembering those two leagues at high levels, several German clubs have made ​​contact with the player and with the leaders of Juventus entourage: Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund have already moved long ago, the black and yellow had made ​​a loan request in January. But it has been recently added in an even more concrete manner by Schalke 04, decided to make significant investments for the next Champions League and, therefore, in the case Elia, to try to flout the competition of Benfica, another club hyperactive in the affair. The Portuguese seem indeed in a position of advantage over the competition, at least from the club point of view, the proposed loan with high right of redemption, was viewed positively by Giuseppe Marotta. Less convinced, however, was the boy: undecided on whether to embark on another Latin championship, after the Italian one, apparently not exactly congenial … The insertion of Schalke, as a result, it is well accepted. It is up to Juventus, at this point, find an economic understanding: it starts counting down from 10 million (compared to 9, plus a bonus in case of reaching the Champions League) invested last summer: a 7-8, you can close the final sale. 

source: Tuttosport (by Erbì-Riva) 
adapted by: Mike Prise