Tevez would be a dream really, and I stopped while ago in believing is Santa! And So, I would take Dzeko at a good price, would you?

TURIN, March 24, 2012 – Toh, who will revise it. It reflects, in orbit Juventus … that Edin Dzeko (the proper pronunciation is gecko, like reptile) that monopolized two calciomercati ago – or so – the attention of the bianconeri peopl. Together with Milos Krasic, whether he was: the other non-EU on which the leadership of the club in Corso Galileo Ferraris had set his eyes, as he was placed in the uncomfortable position to choose only one because of passport issues. In the end, to dull it for the Bosnian striker was Manchester City of Roberto Mancini, but at this point – in perspective 2012-13 – the Bosnian seems ready to return well current to Juventus chores. The protagonist, or co-star, a complicated plot that involves of another Citizens striker, Carlos Tevez, and Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain. In short, a offensive trident far from laughing … 

THE MANDATE First things first and we start from fresh rumor leaked from the offices of the Manchester City according to which the club across the Channel has given a mandate to some trusted intermediaries to verify whether there are societies interested in buying Dzeko. The reason is obvious: the British are in fact willing to revolutionize massively their offensive department. Preparing the assault on Higuain and, in parallel, to create him for work space. So, to cut down on the offensive department and maybe replenish the coffers of companies in compliance with the directives of financial fair play seem destined to get ever more forcefully into force. Which is why even Tevez, reinstated but not exactly back in the good graces of the vertices of the City, is convinced he can not long continue to wear the shirt of Citizens. 

RIVAL – PRETENDER in all of this, Juventus has to do and how. In a double role. Namely to rival the City in the hunt for Higuain and the potential pretender – if it ever comes out in contest for the defeated Pipita – to Dzeko and Tevez. Less than sensational meltdowns, moreover, will serve an organic of Champions League and then the Juventus offensive department – also devoid of Alessandro Del Piero – must be appropriately revised and corrected in terms of quantity and quality. Given that Higuain is and remains first on the list in the Juventus preferences, yet the Bosnian and the Apache have all the credentials necessary to become that bomberone of 20-25 goals a season at the time Juventus is missing, notwithstanding the good season of Alessandro Matri has already reached double figures and that is proving to be absolutely at the height the rosiest expectations. 

A FEW BUT CHAMPIONS Obviously, it comes to big caliber of international football. Consequently, these operations are not without difficulties. The competition is not lacking (even AC Milan and M***A, however, are ready to do battle and follow carefully the dynamics of the city) but not lacking determination and finances bianconere. Unlike what happened in the recent past, this summer will be possible to convey energy and economic efforts of few goals, including the attacker is, needless to say, the most important. 

source: Tuttosport (by Riva-Vaciago)
adapted by: Mike Prise