Many of you maybe wonder  how come Juventus, despite the great income from Champions has failed to take a champion like Jovetic or even Higuain. The Bianconeri took two players of great value as Llorente and Tevez but have not spent figures out of the ordinary.

The response of missed investments in excess of 20 million is very simple and lies in two factors.

COST OF THE CARD- the operation Higuain will cost salary between Napoli and tag something like 80 million over four years, too much for the coffers of Juventus who for Tevez spend just over half (less than 40 million). Juventus had the Argentine negotiated but at a price tag of as low as 15 million. For the Napoli negotiation was made possible by the sale of Cavani and from qualifying to Champions. The Neapolitans will have to outdo this year because they never got in the last two years qualifications in a row in the Champions League. Same goes for Jovetic, the City has paid € 26 million plus bonuses, impossible figure to be paid only cash for Juventus that until the last minute tried to insert the technical counterparts.

SALES-for those who speak of lack of purchases, it should be remembered that the Bianconeri except Giaccherini, left for other reasons,  no one was sold. Despite substantial offers Vidal, Marchisio and the same Pogba. In short, Juve maybe does not spend twenty million digits on the attackers, but it must be said that no holder was sold. Working as a sign of continuity: in Turin they know what they want and how to get it, we’ll see if elsewhere have made ​​the right choices.

wrote by: Massimo Pavan