TURIN, Nov. 13, 2011 – Juventus has identified its top players. And in fact study an important offer for Mario Götze, talented 19 year old Borussia Dortmund (contract, which expires in 2014), already 10 appearances for the German national team, also pointed to Arsenal. 

Complete player, the miracle baby of Memmingen (Bavaria) is a ofensive midfielder: refined feet, fast mind. In the 4-2-3-1 of Antonio Conte, can play excellent levels of all three roles behind the striekr. For him, the next season of course, would be ready even the “10” of Alessandro Del Piero. Is historically difficult for a German to leave Bundesliga so young, usually from those parts of the big expatriates around at 25 years, but in Corso Galileo Ferraris would be ready to shell out even just 20 million in cash, not to mention the ability to insert in counterparts such as Krasic and Elia, people who have a good market in Germany.Difficult to open a dialogue already in January, however, an attempt will be made. A further boost to the negotiations may come from the front of the Champions League, where Borussia Dortmund is in fact one step from being eliminated. And in the league there is great expectation for the direct confruntation at Bayern Monaco, scheduled next week: if they lose, Borussia slips to -8 in the standings. From a technical standpoint, however, the Germans could ‘absorb’ such a sale by the team fishing, for example, boasts the flamboyant Ivan Perisic, born in 1989, another player in the viewfinder of Juventus . 

 Brazil too expensive. Meanwhile, the Brazilian journey of Fabio Paratici continues. Monitor several talents, but all very expensive. Such as Leandro Damiao, 22 year old Internacional striker, a goal and three appearances in the national team. No time for approaching and here is the “shot” of the club of Porto Alegre: 30 million euros for the giant (187 centimeters) of Jardim Alegre: were rejected last summer offered 12 million from Fiorentina and put on the plate 17 from Newcastle. Figures are then used too high for the various Dede, Casemiro, Lucas, and Romulo Elkeson. In short, the Brazilian market is now at the edge of prohibitive, not to mention the difficulty in dealing with those cards managed by several owners, a practice now in South America. 

 Bruno Alves and Hummels. It is no coincidence that Juventus seems to have tired to carry on the conversation Rhodolfo, because of the many uncertainties in terms of counterparties with which to speak. And then, in defense, back into fashion leading to Bruno Alves of Zenit and Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund. 

 source: GdS (by Mirko Graziano) 
 adapted by: Mike Prise