Top player, or nothing is predictable The impression is that a new injection of enthusiasm will absolutely come from the meeting that the coach and the company will have immediately after the formalization of the 31th title. Here will be discussed mainly the programs of the market and players like Ibra, to Suarez, Sanchez, Muriel or Jovetic are the key needed to remove all doubt in the Italian Mou, who knows the rules of the game next year will narrow.

And in his heart, the coach knows that the current Juve can not, on paper, ensure the results of this year: Europe apart, in Italy is for example a Milan now technically already at the level of Bianconeri. Conte loves Juve and its people, not afraid of war, but at least want to go with the proper weapons. This is no longer the inexperienced emerging yesterday, is in fact a big of the bench, and also at the professional level has to be very attentive to the choices he makes. For Agnelli and Marotta, therefore, the task of “convincing” their General, perhaps with the help of a new contract (richer), especially with players of higher figure. Otherwise, nothing is taken for granted.