TURIN, June 11, 2012 – It’s easy to say top player. A little less to do calculations, usually painful for those who must build a great team and a good balance simultaneously. But, calculator in hand, Juventus is not too frightened in front of certain figures, especially if the goal is the creation of a competitive formation at European level. Let’s take Robin Van Persie, the Juventus object of desire at this time. Based on the amount transpired in recent days, the total cost delloperazione is about 78 million euros. Apparently a huge amount, because an investment of this kind must always be viewed in the perspective of at least four years, duration of the contract which presumably will sign Van Persie and the period during which it would probably delay payment of the card. In short, if Arsenal wants 30 million and Van Persie they could earn 6 net (then 12 gross) per year (excluding bonuses) for four seasons, you get 78 million, which means 19.5 million a year. That remains a tidy sum, but sustainable for a club that can count on the participation in the Champions (which ensures, at minimum, twenty million, but can be much more munificent if the team surpluses beyond the first round) and that accounts already on 25/30 million in revenues arising from the new stadium. As if to say, simplifying a more complex discourse, that the Champions or the stadium can pay the annual fee of the top player. A circle could become virtuous if you guess the right top player, because then the stadium would be fully guaranteed by the enthusiasm generated by Van Persie (or whoever) in the fans and with Van Persie (or whoever) the same qualification in the Champions League could be easier. 

COSTS LESS But the analysis of the actual costs of the operation top player also allows to compare the business into play. Example: Edinson Cavani, whose card has a cost to tankers sheik or Russian, is actually more an economic than it is Van Persie. Because once you paid the 40 million to De Laurentiis (if it was not entering technical counterparts) and offered 4 million net (8 gross) at center-forward, and the total cost of 72 million, six in less than Van Persie. So much so that it would cover 18 million per season for 4 years. But, in the case of Cavani, is also considered the age factor: if Van Persie in four years will have 33, the Uruguayan will be in the prime of his career at 29. This means that the investment Cavani, you can spread on many more seasons or, if necessary, after four years you can think of monetize him with a sale. 
IS YOUNGER Much the same holds true for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, another twenty-five on which might be worth investing. Besides a lot less money, because for the card of the other Uruguayan in the list of top, Liverpool could settle for 25 million euros. That would bring the total cost of the operation at an altitude of 61, given that the wage to be proposed to Suarez would be about 4.5 million euros net per season. 
IS AVAILABLE And it is also young Edin Dzeko, deal which sis tuck for the moment, but may overheat if the City, where this year has done substantially the reserve, should dull it for Van Persie sparking a movement in which Juventus is very ready to insert. Also because Dzeko has sent more than one signal in the direction of Turin and the deal could much less expensive than Van Persie and Cavani
source: Tuttosport (by Guido Vaciago) 
adapted by: Mike Prise