First of all, you the one who is reading these lines need to understand that since yesterday evening I have realized something. I have once again realized that unconditional love is one of the stupidest things on Earth.

I love Juventus, I’ve been around this team since 1993. When a player with a pony tail was becoming the best player in the World, by his name Roberto Baggio.

I’ve lived 4 lost UCL finals but above all the ONE won in 1996. A lot of things have happened since then. It’s not the point of this article.

The introduction was necessary in order for you, the reader, to understand who is the guy behind the keyboard.

Let’s jump to  15th of July, 2015 or to be more accurate to yesterday evening.

Vidal has reached an agreement with Bayern Munchen, and the clubs are going to negotiate, because this is what they do best, but eventually will reach an agreement.

You would maybe say: “SO WHAT? Vidal has already given his best, he is a Bad boy, we needed to sell someone…” You could do that obviously.

You might as well say “What’s the difference between this 15th of July and last year’s 15th of July, when the COMANDANTE/HEART/JUVENTINO has left us out of the blue?” You can say that as well.

Well, let me tell you my side of the story.

The historical facts:

In July 2011 a new Juventus was born, a new coach and not just any coach, a real Juventino, Antonio Conte and a few players came in. Out of all, 2 of them, with their skills and their heart, changed the recent Juventus history. Their names, Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal.

In July 2012, a new young French player was added to the squad, by his name, Paul Pogba.

In July 2013 two players have completed the Puzzle, Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente.

On 6th of June 2015, Juventus lost the 6th UCL final after one of the best Finals in recent years. But most importantly, Juventus has done the DOUBLE, winning the 4th Scudetto in a row and the 10th Italian Cup.

Today’s facts:

Andrea Pirlo has officially left Juventus. One down.

Carlitos Tevez returned to his beloved Boca. Two down.

Vidal and Juventus, late yesterday evening have reached an agreement with Bayern Munchen (imagine that, after refusing them 4 years ago). The official press release is just a formality and it will come in the following day/s. THREE MAJOR PLAYERS down.

With Fernando Llorente sold to the highest bidder and with Paul Pogba, a player that seems more a Barcelona player (from 2016) than a Juventus player, the Puzzle has been broken and for now THREE MAJOR parts of it have already been removed.

With Arturo Vidal, the players that have officially left Juventus this summer are Storari, Pepe, Ogbonna, Pirlo and Tevez. If we add Llorente, we have a total of SEVEN essential players that have left or will leave Juventus in ONE SUMMER!

My personal opinion:

The reality we like it or not, is this one. The statement “Juventus is a club that doesn’t Sell” doesn’t stand up any more.

Is it just ME who thinks that is more than just BOLDNESS? 7 players out of which at least 3 of them the Heart and Soul of Juventus recent Success, in ONE go?

In football and in life, sometimes taking risks is just fine. You have to do it.

But … don’t confuse boldness with something else.

The same Juventus, since Andrea Agnelli and Beppe Marotta took over the faith of Juventus, has taught me that every Player added to the Puzzle is very carefully picked and the same with the players that are considered replaceable.

Well, this is not the case now. Not this summer.

Every single departure out of the SEVEN has a different reason behind it. I get that.

But are we sure that after SEVEN departures this Juventus can still be as competitive as it was in the last 4 years?

Are we sure that a player who last month after Juventus has lost it’s 6th Uefa Champions Final has said


really wanted to leave?

Wanted to leave to the same club that he has already refused 4 years ago? Or was it the club who wanted to sell Arturo Vidal?

1 + 1 always equals TWO, at least in my books!

It’s definitely not the time for sentences but the Future doesn’t look at all BRIGHT!

Until then, Fino alla Fine FORZA JUVENTUS!