January 12, 2013 – The attack of Juve: four names to satisfy Conte (who wants at all costs a striker to expand the department).

New entry Lisandro Lopez, 29, is the latest idea of Marotta & Paratici: Argentine striker of Lyon, already the object of  Juventus desire. The difficulties of today are the same as yesterday: the French do not give in, decided to rather keep the attacker. Two reasons: the first is that Lisandro has already racked up 1,087 minutes in the championship, which earned 14 caps and 6 goals. For the other reason you have to go back to 2009: 17 July the player was bought by Lyon for 24 million euro, which is the highest amount ever paid in the history of the club. But Juve likes the striker and maybe will insist: the formula with which they would like to get him to Turin is the loan, based on which is also very active Fernando Hidalgo, manager of Lopez, who works for a temporary release from the team of his client. From France, however, reiterate: the door is closed to the attacker. Insurmountable obstacle for now, tomorrow we shall see: the interest on for Lisandro demonstrates in each case as the Bianconeri radar is still scattered around Europe.

source: GdS (by Alessandra Gozzini)