The friendly in Salerno between Juventus and Real Betis ends with a 0-0 liar on the performance of two teams in the field: the Andalusians, ahead in the preparation, are brilliant and tonic, while paying duty at an incredible refractoriness to go in goal. By contrast, the men of Conte had a substantially negative ninety minutes on Arechi .

It is still football in August, but some indications from the game should not be underestimated, in light of the warnings that Antonio Conte had bothered to launch in recent days. “There’s a lot of work,” the Salento coach often says, and is quite right: against an opponent as Betis, surely the most difficult of the soldiers were met in the Piedmont games, and a completely different caliber than a meeting with the Primavera, Juve for almost seventy minutes of ninety did not see the ball until her sixteen .

And if the difference in status may partly explain the gap in performance seen in the field, surely this can not be relied upon as the sole reason of the difficulties encountered by the eleven chosen by Conte, which have prevented a tennis score only for the inaccuracy and the frivolity of the Iberian forwards and the saves of Storari (has replaced Buffon in the second half).

Surely the hand of Conte begins to glimpse in the way of being in the field of Juventus, but the path to assimilate fully the attitude of the new coach will be long and not at all simple: the dogmas of the game of Antonio, made of high pressing, synchronized combinations on the defense axis – touch and defensive possession can not be learned in a few weeks of work.

As for the pressing, with the exception of the central part of the first half, it said it was far from acceptable standards to withstand a four-forwards alignment: too often the pressure on the ball carrier was made ​​by the individual, never organically from department. Waiting to see the work of Vidal‘s dynamic capabilities, it became all too easy to bypass the first line of pressure brought by the attackers and the wingers, with the result that easily the attackers had opened prairies. Also to be reviewed the side chains , in which the axis of the right Lichsteiner-Krasic should improve and not just during the passive transition. By achieving an optimal condition throughout the team, however, will benefit from a renewed aggressive stance and greater chances of recovering the ball in the danger zone.

The synchronization between the four attacking players is understandably to be refined: in the shadow Matri and Vucinic, appeared heavy and not very lucid, generous but muddler Krasic, strong-willed but still immature Pasquato(and unlucky in finding a great Casto, Andalusian GK, in the action with which he concluded a wonderful counter-atack). While waiting for the promised reinforcements on the transfer-market, it is again reiterated that it will take time to refine the delicate mechanisms that today often produce brave attempts, but logs, fast combinations. The more positive note it was seeing raining an unusual (by the standards of recent years) for the amount of cross for the strikers, almost all coming from the right side. Much is still given to the foot of Pirlo, the only one capable of finding the right corridor to protect deployed defense.

Turning to the source of the Conte‘s game, ie the central defenders, it must be said that there is a lot of work here, and a graft is certainly important: the features, according to this writer, which lacks to the central defenders in this team, are those of a defender very good at reading the play to be made to trigger the striker (to avoid unlikely openings as Beckenbauer, Bonucci understood?). Wanting to find a positive note, we can say that despite the discontinuous application of the central midfielders (numerous and all comfortable receptions of the ball of Biancoverde strikers in front of 16, with our Bonucci and Barzagli always pointed with the ball at foot) the central defenders were able to put at least a patch, aided by the attention of the full-backs against Sevilla.

Overall, the game has confirmed what was expressed by the Juventus pre-season: the first impression of Antonio Conte was there, and it is a game that can not be separated by a physical condition rather than optimal, we can say that the ideas of the coach have done breach. Players try it, a few times sin of smugness, and are always looking for the goal constantly. With two transfers of quality and legs on the ball, what now is only a prototype could become a “fuoriserie”.

by:Nicol Pozzi
adapted by: Mike Prise