TURIN, March 9, 2012 – It is no mystery. In June, Juventus will go heavy on the market, looking for a striker, the “killer”, the man capable to capitalize in points also those games so and so from physical aspect and of the game. In short, the classic top player, one like Ibrahimovic just to understand eachother. Yeah, because the impression is that if the Swede would have dressed black and white, the history of this championship would have been much different today. But with if and with but … 

Everyone under examination. What is certain is that from now until end of season Antonio Conte will have to chase the miracle scudetto (because that would be) or the Champions League goal with various Matri, Vucinic, Quagliarella, Borriello and Del Piero. Battery pack of all respect on paper, but so far, in the championship, has secured only sixteen goals scored from the thirty-nine of Juventus. Of these, ten are the signature Matri. You understand how little has been the contribution of others, still to the zero, for example, Borriello and Del Piero, Quagliarella two goals, four those of Vucinic. Conte observes, motivates, work hard, chooses, turns the attackers, but still has not had answers … for true Juventus. And not surprisingly, Del Piero a part (which in June will surely leave the league), they all play the confirmation in the last twelve days of the championship and Cup Italian in the epilogue. Yes, there in front no one is safe in front of confirmation. We need real answers, goals. And evidence of character: grows the idea that someone suffers a bit too much of competition signal unacceptable “in a top team”, a team that in the coming seasons will have to find her traditional role in Europe. 

With Pirlo is easier … In particular, now Conte needs the best Vucinic, spikes of world class, but the continuity of regular player. Is him the key man up front, for technique, football intelligence and ability to invent also the last pass. Serves the qualitative leap of the Montenegrin to pull the most advanced striker (whoever) and further enhance the breakthrough contribution in terms of assists from Andrea Pirlo, a “springboard” of luxury, so far exploited by attackers in a very low percentage, and this can not be a aggravating factor in the eyes of Juventus leaders. Seven assists of azure Genie, materialized in goal by Lichtsteiner (twice), Vucinic (twice), Marchisio, Chiellini and Quagliarella. Instead, many “brush strokes” of all types (cross, openings, “no look”) wasted, sometimes awkwardly. Agnelli and Marotta have already quashed the attack the various Amauri, Iaquinta and Toni, are preparing to greet the Monument Del Piero and sincerely hope not to face a new mini-revolution among men of goal but certainly will not look at anybody but to follow the work of Conte, the man really wanted Corso Galileo to complete the Juventus rebirth. 

source: GdS (by Mirko Graziano) 
adapted by: Mike Prise