TURIN, July 1, 2011 – Juventus are planning a roaring start of next week. Thoughts, efforts and travel all oriented toward Sergio Aguero. In Corso Galileo Ferraris do not want to waste time, especially to anticipate potential pitfalls from Premier League. Manchester City and Chelsea have indeed economic means difficult to counter, so better to close before Roberto Mancini and Andre Villas Boas are to think of “bad thoughts”, even if the Portuguese manager of Chelsea would have revealed to friends not to bet on the son of Maradona . Tuesday Beppe Marotta will arrive in Madrid, ready to pay 35 million into Atletico coffers, but with the hope that the cash outlay can be mitigated by the inclusion of one or two technical counterparts.

The man of the reborn. Aguero has always topped the list of Agnelli and Marotta. If we will arrive, Juve would have hit his very first goal. Juventus likes Kun, for international image, age, technical skills and experience. Yes, because despite his 23 years, Aguero has already won an Olympic gold medal, two World Championship Under 20, has 26 appearances for the national team since 2006 and is regularly scores double figures with Atletico Madrid. At the same time, the Argentine has already given its approval to the black and white project, even without Europe: convincing the five-year of 7.5 million per season (including bonuses) and the fact that the team would be built entirely around him. In short, everything leads to marriage Juve-Aguero, unless will break in the millions of the English, which is why Juventus must speed up, that’s why Marotta and Paratici have already pocketed the ticket to Madrid.                                                                                                             

Sissoko and Danilo. Second day of pre-training camp yesterday in Vinovo. Momo Sissoko also arrived, but has only worked in the gym. Difficult for the Malian to be part of the team next season too. Anyway, Conte and society have taken a few days to reflect with the same midfield. Field work, however, for Quagliarella. Martinez and De Ceglie. Finally, the chapter Danilo, 20 year old midfielder of Santos: Juve admits have followed him in recent months, but at the moment does not seem very hot. There are other priorities, even if the baby prodigy of Santos could re-emergence in the coming weeks. It should be said on this front is a strong competition from many big European clubs, among which there is AC Milan. Danilo Luiz da Silva has just won the “South American” Under-20 Cup with Brazil’s and Libertadores Cup with Santos.                                                                     

source: La Gazzetta dello Sport
by: Mirko Graziano 
adapted by: Mike Prise