TURIN, May 11, 2012 – first the party, then the job. In Turin, usually the order of factors is exactly the opposite, but these are not ordinary days for Juve. Priority therefore, for the bath of crowd waiting executives, technical and team from there to 48 hours. Then, of course, it is time to prepare the Italian Cup final. And next season. Because, Pavel Nedved dixit the day of the championship, “the dream of the president is another.” No need to contact a psychoanalyst to interpret the meaning of dreams of Andrea Agnelli. The Juventus number one in just two seasons has managed to bring the club into the top at the national level and now dreams, but would rather want the Champions League. And will leave no stone unturned to achieve it. Tuesday, In fact it will start to work practice in an official manner. For that day is fixed a meeting that will gather around the table, the president, Beppe Marotta, Antonio Conte, Fabio Paratici and Pavel Nedved. In practice early next week will be held the states of Juventus next mercato. 

SELECTIONS AND PHASE 2 In recent months, Marotta and Paratici have certainly not been with folded hands. They have seen and reviewed the likely candidates to move to Juventus. Van Persie and Tevez, Falcao and Suarez, Higuain and Fernando Torres. They surveyed Didier Drogba, however, obtaining the conviction that the Ivorian finish the season in China. So have passed to the contacts with the respective agents. We are aware of the feasibility of operations, costs, character aspects of these entities. A work of selection that at this point be considered closed and that favors the name of Robin Van Persie even though, as we shall see, we are far from being able to say that the path will present in descent. Tuesday will move on to phase two, that it will decide how and where to sink their shots. Then, of course, need to show flexibility, because the matter is unstable by definition. But when it comes to top player you can not wait the right opportunity, you must make your move. The main choice, is not news, because it relates to the attack, but not only the so called top player, will be discussed. Marotta in fact was clear in emphasizing that the rose should be also improved by the numerical point of view. And then else is to update the chapter disposals. 

TOP PLAYER WHAT A PASSION The big hit will be on attack and on Tuesday they will try to give him a face. The risk is not so much for the wrong choice, because all the candidates have the characteristics and quality to give a further quality leap for Juve. The risk is being on the wrong track. To bet on a player who at the end, will not move. Or he will, for other destinations. Which would mean wasting the time that in operations of this magnitude is an important factor. Because if blown up the deal for the fourth midfielder, another one, to go and get, Marotta and Paratici will track down quickly. But the great strikers are rare. Van Persie for example, is really the player that Conte would want to be delivered, but the same desire was expressed by Roberto Mancini, Jose Mourinho , maybe even by Tito Vilanova, heir of Pep Guardiola at Barca. From England indiscretion rebounded yesterday that the Dutchman would decide to move to Spain, if would miss an agreement for the renewal with Arsenal. Thesis, however, refuted by the top of Corso Galileo Ferraris, which say the opposite. The meeting between the first agent (Van Persie has a management company that takes care of his imagine, and more people who follow the sport aspect only) Darren Dein and Arsene Wenger is set for the beginning of next week and no hypothesis is excluded at moment: of renewal, or a divorce. Surely Juve is determined to play his cards, will need to see if are those liked by the Gunners striker. In short, Van Persie is a very serious candidate to move to Juventus, but it is certainly not time to leave the other options. It should be said that Suarez would prefer to stay one more season at Liverpool, but the banks of the Mersey everything can change with the possible dismissal of Kenny Dalglish. While Edin Dzeko will leave Manchester, which at the time is not included in the programs of Juve. Fernando Higuain instead is indicated on the radar of PSG. So do not be surprised by a sudden assault on Edinson Cavani. But from Tuesday, in fact, everything will be clearer. 

source: Tuttosport (by Gianni Lovato)
adapted by: Mike Prise