The accounts turn. And how they turn. “andwhocares”(Ecchissenefrega) if, indeed, it would be much better to beat Atletico Madrid 2-0 (or more) and go through as the first group; but you want to put the shame in defeat and elimination from the Champions League? Image damage and, even more, the economic damage. Mammoth, the economic damage. As is even more evident now that – pulled a row above the group stage – in Juventus house can make two calculations in peace and evaluate (in the literal sense of the term), as in a nutshell has yielded the next round. Even more so, however, by virtue of the elimination of Roma from the competition: which provides additional benefits to Juventus in terms of sharing the euro-tally. Well, the beginning of the competition to date, the Champions (including performance bonuses, market pool and business from the box office) has yielded to the bianconere coffers the beauty of almost 70 million euro. Not to mention, well understood, the returns in terms of advertising, merchandising, sponsors of appeal on …

Match prizes. To begin with, you must consider the bonuses that the Uefa bestows clubs based on their performance. In this sense, Juventus has accumulated 8.6 million euro which belong to clubs involved in the group stage of the tournament adding back 3.5 million the result of two wins against Malmo, than against Olympiacos and the draw against the Atletico (the bonus win, in fact, is one million per game while that for the pair is 500 thousand euro). Finally, Juventus, thanks to the qualification to the knockout stage, has got further 3.5 million guaranteed.

#ThankyouRoma. But this, after all, is still “the least”. The bulk of the cake depends on the now famous “market pool”, ie the sum that UEFA allocates to clubs that represent a particular federation (the amount of the total amount is decided according to the proportional value of each TV market) . In this edition of Champions, the market pool for the Italian is 80 million. Forty of which are divided according to the placement in the last championship: 22 million to the Italian champions Juventus, Roma finished second at 18. The remaining forty, however, are variables related to the number of games played in the competition. So: the Roma stopped in 6 games, Juventus it’s guaranteed at least eight and therefore has “nibbled” at the Capitoline 2.8 million. Comes by itself, at this point, that the gap may remain unchanged or rise further in favor of Agnelli’s club . Potentially, in the case of access to the final, you can get to a ratio of 13 match against 6, ergo 27.3 million against 12.

adapted in English an article from tuttosport