It’s a long way until the summer but I will do my best!
TURIN, Feb. 12, 2012 Juventus is back in the football that matters. Second in the standings but with two games in hand, best defense in the league, Italy Cup final to a step, zero defeats on all fronts. Nobody like her in Europe. So the field. More importantly, in perspective, however, is what lies behind this rebirth. Solid foundation, a model designed to teach classes in Italy: new stadium and ownership; society and team revolutionized , including coaching staff and athletic, massive investment for the youth sector; Wages under control, park of players a lot younger . 
The revolution. One year break, then last summer Agnelli and Marotta have stamped the turning point: a winner, in particular, the choice of Antonio Conte, a former captain, the beloved flag of black and white people, but especially emerging technical, prepared, advanced, charisma. Then came a market full of intelligent insights: Pirlo, Lichtsteiner and Vidal such operations were desired by management and metabolized by Conte, remarkable in redesigning during the season a Juve planned otherwise. In general, compared to summer 2010, beginning of the Andrea Agnelli, in team are only Del Piero, Buffon, Chiellini, Marchisio, De Ceglie and Manninger: more than 18 new names, significantly lowered the average age, led to 110 million on Total Wages, a lot less than other Bigs. A roof still impassable in case (probable today) of direct access to the Champions. A total revolution, at every level, from top to warehousemen. 
Youth policy. The objective, also indicated by the owners, is to bring the club to become self-financing. In this sense, they recite a fundamental role of the new stadium in property (consistently sold out and not yet fully operational at level business side) and the youth sector. Yes, because in Corso Galileo Ferraris count on “to bring each year in the first team 2 to 3 players from Primavera,” while creating an attractive group of players on the market, in fact, a treasure from the technical account for each summer. And for that were invested 7-8 million per year, profits to go hunting for the best national and international talents: the Brazilian Appelt Gabriel and Dutch Ouassim Bouy, both midfielders, ones of the more interesting gems recently brought in Vinovo .

50 million in June. Everything will work perfectly not first then two-three years, but in the meantime already this summer – perhaps with the help of a excellent sell (Krasic, Quagliarella or Elia ) – Marotta should rely on a fifty million to invest on the cards of two top players. Conte has already set out priorities: a striker of global perspective and a great talent. In short, Higuain or Leandro Damiao there in attack, and maybe one of the Ramirez of Bologna and Mario Götze of Borussia Dortmund.

source: GdS by: Mirko Graziano
adapted by: Mike Prise