The former Juventus champion : “The championship is a must. Antonio and Deschamps were always together. They are great technicians: that Juve was full of coaches”
TURIN, June 13 – 15 years have gone by the penalty in the finals of the Champions League against Ajax, “I look often that picture,  remembering that evening from Rome is still a thrill for me” assures Vladimir Jugovic. Has stopped playing for a while, since 2005 (most recent experience in Rot Weiss Ahlen, Germany), but from the radar of  Juventus fans was never lost. Less than a year ago was one of the leading heads in the sale of Diego to Wolfsburg. ‘It’s true, in the meeting in Monaco between Marotta, Paratici and Dieter Hoeness I was also there”. Now he takes care of young players would prefer to make a new blow, “perhaps as an entry. Serbia is full of talents, Juventus leaders know they can count on me. Write down, Simic and Jankovic, two of the Red Star ’95: are the new Savicevic and Stojkovic …».
The last jewel you would council to Juve?
Darko Lazovic, class ’90, ofensive midfielder of the Red Star. Marotta and Paratici knew him already, but at the moment with the non-moving of extracomunitari players is not easy. “
In recent days, you were av-endorsed in Italy.
“I was in Milan, at some old friends. No, with Paratici last time I met for Inter-Schalke. “
Since then, at Juve home, have changed several things: the most important is Conte.
“I am happy for Antonio. When I see my friends on important benches, and that of Juventus is one of the top, I always have a great pleasure. “
The first thing you thought when you knew about Conte?
“Well, when we played, Antonio and Deschamps were always together. They both came up and where they wanted: as coach of Juventus. But that team was full of coaches …».

Have you said to Conte?
“The last time we heard each other he was still coach from Siena. “Being a coach is much more complicated than playing” ,he said. I agree, it’s the same thing also repeated by Mancini, Mihajlovic, Lombardo, Deschamps …».
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