The striker for the first time talks about his future: “Juve? Has a coach who can make me grow. Della Valle is a special person, to him I expressed my wishes for the future. I rate also the offers from abroad, I am ambitious, what’s wrong in that? “

“JUVE IS SEARCHING ME FOR A YEAR, I’m flattered” – “Della Valle said he now sees Juventus as the other suitors? For a year they seek me, they say they want me, I come in their list  before Ibra, Tevez and Higuain. Who would not be flattered? I am, and I do not think it is a betrayal to admit it. “

“I COULD GROW EVEN MORE WITH CONTE ” – “If I would like to work with Conte? With someone like him I feel that I could grow even more. The esteem is mutual.”