That in Italy there was a problem there we noticed a long time. That there were problems at the institutional level, in the economy and the political world we knew. Yesterday in a country wounded, because floods have discovered that there are also procedural contradictions really embarrassing. This weekend we have experienced the sadness floods of Genoa and anxious about the situation in Piedmont and Turin. 

 Then yesterday, we took a scare for the weather situation in Naples and for what could be. In the afternoon we have seen the situation improve and we have made ​​questions. We could play? Was it fair play? Obviously having no basis to judge and not wanting to judge we must say that it was decided for safety and security is the first thing that must be protected, and rightly so. Having said that security should be protected with the procedures and the credibility and we have to say on this point. 

 To stop the game at 12.30 without an real inspection and by venting news about attachments of stadium and the field has not been a good move, because then belied by subsequent events such as witnessing from all the TV. Not to convene League and Juventus and only Napoli, it was a serious lack of respect and intolerable. As I said it was right to move the game if there was even the slightest risk that someone got hurt, but it is right to maintain the credibility of decisions and this procedural mistake could be avoided simply more calmly and with the desire to evaluate pros and cons. 

 Because of this has put serious doubts about everything. Doubt that confirm that in Italy is all wrong, and sometimes even if you took the right decisions in this way may seem the most wrong. 

 by:Massimo Pavan adapted by:Mike Prise