“There are periods that all the teams have- told at ‘Juve in the Goal’ on Radio milaninter – just remember what Juventus suffered in 2006, is not a joke, being by far the best from Italy as a team and structure to undergo such punishment leaves you bewildered. Now there is a desire for rebirth and you feel that they can quickly return to compete. The duo Agnelli-Conte is of great quality and Juventinita, Andrea is the last one with that name, there is no one after him. He has a great passion and skill, is a boy with his head on his shoulders that he will certainly deliver. Antonio also has in his DNA Juventus, the great captain won so many battles and to reach here was his biggest dream I guess after the good ranks. Now he has to take other steps, the club plans to buy important players and to build a team full of Juventinita, with desire, anger and agony on the field mixed with quality. But I remember when I arrived at Juventus in 1994 there were eight years since Juventus wasn’t winning seeing the great AC Milan of the time. In a few was the thought that we would have won right away and instead of winning we created an extraordinary mixture that led us not to win, but win the league the cup and play Uefa Cup final . If the people are of great quality, everything is possible “.
Regrets about his past in black and white mostly are the lost finals, especially that one in Manchester:
“That from Manchester for me is still on my back, was not our night and I noticed when we went to penalties. Seven years earlier in Rome with Ajax everyone wanted to shoot and were close to me looking at me because everyone wanted to participate in the victory that we deserved, with Milan there were those who looked at the stands and nobody looked at me and said I could not shoot the penalties for them. I would not say fear, but insecurity, fatigue and lack of certain features, on all of Nedved that was crucial for us. “