We have already written and said at least a dozen times: a football club is made up of three components: players, company/coach and fans. If and only if these three components are rowing in the same direction, they move with the wind and are aligned, we can achieve success. Juventus now has a team capable of not losing for more than forty games. A solid company and a juventinissimo president, the best coach in Italy and the most numerous fans, the ones that has suffered the most since 2006 and the ones that follow on the internet with great abundance.

All positive factors, but let’s put it on our head, Juventus will not win against Napoli unless it has the support of it’s fans, I say it now, nine days before. Absolutely need a reminder so the Bianconeri disputes may be resolved as soon as possible, and players may feel the strong and constant warmth of the Stadium. In Turin there will certainly be 2-3 thousand Napoli fans that are very hot passionate and will sing for ten thousand. For this, the Juventus people must be ready, arm themself with a scarf, possibly with flags and voice, a great voice because you can lose on the field, but losing in the stands at home, after having landslide victory, through the warmth of Chinese fans in Beijing, is not possible. In Beijing, the Neapolitan fans were four, in Turin will be many more. The Juventus fans have to give their evidence of maturity and put aside something for the common good. I hope … because opposition fans will not forgive us.

At the same time we hope a few words from Antonio Conte, just to warm his people who doesn’t see him on the field, but maybe they could see him in the stands … who knows, if he wants to warm up the fans only a Commander can do … we have always called Conte the Commander of character, of spirit, of guide. The fans may be his legion, a legion that awaits that signal to “unleash hell of the fans, passion, choir …”.

We only need his signal and no one should stop, we must remember what he did for his people, for him no strike, only passion. 

 source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS