His deal is not yet formalized as Mauricio Isla, about to join the ranks of Juventus, is already talking about him. Indeed, in an interview with a Chilean television, the winger has declared his love for the Madrid jersey: “I have trust in what I am, and I know one day I will play for Real Madrid.”

He also talked about the recovery from his knee injury: “I’m already doing exercises in gym and with the ball.”
Just to remind you Mauricio, you will be playing for the best team in italy and one of the greatest sides in the world, you will be surrounded by great champions, you will be led by the best goalkeeper in history and, taught by a midfield master and genius as Andrea Pirlo, and most of all, you will be supervised and directed by Mister Conte, a true champion and hard worker. So there’s no need to start talking about your personal dreams that concern only you, please try to keep them for yourself, first, you must prove that you are worth wearing the bianconero jersey, and give your best on the pitch, then you will know the true meaning of playing for Juventus.
by Shaman SuperVagabond