This summer also Inter was in strong pressure on you. Why did you choose Juve?
“I talked to my agent, told me that I was wanted by two great teams in Italy: Juventus and Inter. I came here for two reasons: one because I talked a lot with Arturo (Vidal, ed), I spoke much of this society, mates, they said it was a wonderful group full of friends, and later because the coach wanted me so much. Plus because they also sought Asamoah.O’m good friends with Asamoah and get here with him was a real pleasure. “

If Vidal is a warrior, Isla is defined as?
“A train on the right wing, a train.”

What are the differences between Conte and Guidolin?
“There are two coaches who work so hard, who are hungry to win, that talk so much with young people and is good for a young man when the coach talks to you. I think they are almost the same. When I arrived at Juve I said that Mr. Conte is very similar to Mr. Bielsa, that I have had in the National team. Is ‘a coach who always works 100%, tactically. This is very nice for a player. “

Do you think it is better that Lazio has won the derby rather than lost it? Maybe it got more and more angry …
“For me it is the same. A derby is a derby, everyone wants to win, but I think that when opposing teams come to play in Turin against Juventus all want to win, against Juve, who last year won everything.”

So you don’t think that Lazio is a little satisfied?
“No, I think it will come here to do harm to Juve and we have to get prepared to win the game.”

source: tuttojuve.com