Juventus finds again the victory against Olympiacos, something that was missing from the first game against Malmo and does it convincingly with a performance of great value and with a module that especially in the attack with a large number of scoring chances created much more than in other games.

There are many as 18 shots on goal with a lot of scoring chances, at least four times they were presented alone with the goalkeeper the players of the old lady, with definitely remarkable saves by Roberto. Juventus deserved to win and the right result would have been at least by two goals.

But when you’re a goal down after creating so many chances sometimes you think that this year your luck has turned his back, but no, Juventus was going to take the game in their hands with that pole slamming against the foot of Roberto and the ball in the net and especially with Pogba two minutes later with the ball on the right foot.

In the end, perhaps, could have closed the games, but for Juventus in the Champions League, the way is difficult, winding, a team that is always close to the goal but sometimes a little from the finish sees it vanish, or often has to suffer incredibly to get what it deserves, but maybe that’s why Football is so beautiful because yesterday’s game is definitely one of the most entertaining and most beautiful games of recent years.

It is hoped that that goals of Pogba can be a new beginning, a European turning point in to share and to show that this Juventus in the Champions League can be, there has to be with a significant role.

The qualification for Juventus, now passes from Sweden, a vital victory with nine points and then go to face eventually Atletico Madrid at home to look even for the first place. The good news on Tuesdays is that the qualification is fully open and that, when you’re under for two to one at home, definitely you could not even think of it and is perhaps a turning point in the European season, we’ll find the answer soon.

adapted in english an article of Massimo Pavan from tuttojuve