There is no difference between the transfer market dynamics between a provincial and Juventus, the expectations are obviously different but the cunning needed to treat is the same.
Investment  takes not only  into account the needs of an individual coach, you have an obligation to think for a longer time. Last summer there was the saga Dzeko, this year there will be no soap operas: there is a different economic means. 


“When will start the blitz? We are willing to spend a large part of the budget for one player, then come into play a series of components: we must  think about the business side not only on the price tag  but also on the salary: Aguero for example in Spain enjoys tax relief that in Italy can not have.If another team is able to buy Aguero is because it has a disposable income out of our reach. 

The big attackers:         
 Sanchez, Aguero, Tevez, Benzema, Rossi, Dzeko Higuain 

“Sanchez is the one that fits best with the game of Conte, so as Aguero. The other not that muchNeymar? Costs as much as the others but at age 19 needs to gain experience, what others have already done.
If we ever thought Cavani or Pastore? to Cavani yes but we have never taken into consideration because we know that they would ask for 50 mil, to Pastore not because is not suitable for Conte.


Vucinic? We like him and his arrival would not block a top player.With Roma we have not yet discussed: first you need to prune our squad. 

Diarra and Vidal

Who is closer to Juventus? they are now on par but  must be made this assessment: for VidalJuventus is a goal to be reached, is hungry for more victories than Diarra. At the midfield we are still enough. Maybe something will happen before the “ritiro” and is still among those who already know that there are those who are passing through 


Nobody is not for sale but Conte likes him, we study his case: we want to keep him but in football everything changes very quickly”

Business Plan

The plan provides that resources have to be used to win as soon as possible:as soon as we do it the better it is. So the concept is that there are money for 5 years but will spend more in the first. Subscriptions are fine and the TV rights we must win our battle: the small clubs have already has benefits from the  Melandri law