Interviewed at the microphones of Sky Sport 24, the Juventus coach Antonio Conte has briefly analyzed the match between AC Milan and Juventus in the Luigi Berlusconi trophy and finished 2-1 in favor of the Rossoneri at the end of a game, double-sided, only the home team for the first time with Piedmont comeback in the second half. An analysis shared by Pugliese coach:

“An interesting test with two faces, the first time should be taken as an example of things not to be repeated, but the second half was excellent and definitely dealt with malice and in which we would also have earned a draw in my opinion, considering the many opportunities created. But we must not get discouraged or think about sensational things , it is true that we start from two seventh place and Milan from their first place, but it is not intimidating. Del Piero? Ale is a great champion and you are still seeing, almost 37 years is giving us a big hand and is helping me a lot, as well as other senators like Buffon and Pirlo. “
adapted by: Mike Prise