The interview with Antonio Conte: published on on May 30, 2011 with our former coach.

Interview from the increasingly likely Juventus coach Antonio Conte for the Torino newspaper “Tuttosport”  (missing only the official signature)
In Torino they can not wait you to come: the fans are in turmoil and even against Napoli on Sunday night, they applauded loudly.
“Needless to hide the fact that these demonstrations of affection makes me glad, it means that I left them good memories. 
I will never forget that in Novara, before a championship game, before our arrival at stadium one hundred supporters came from Magenta for cheering me on. 
I never would  have expected. This is Juve, gentlemen. At any stadium you play you are never alone, both in Italy and abroad there are always waving flags:
an unbridled passion that has no boundaries. “
In a few hours it will become officiall …
“I’m still at Siena, we have to wait, when the time comes we’ll talk. The other day I thanked the players, staff and managers about what we managed to achieve. ”  
Come on now, everyone knows it. The confirmation is a formality …
“So just wait for it. However, not all former Juventus players are called. We must also deserve it, this call, it takes ideas and projects. I will do everything in cooperation with the President Agnelli, the Director Marotta and Paratici. Pirlo will have to play for t’s place as the other midfielders. ”  
Meanwhile, there are compliments. Capello and Nedved have had important words about you. No ordinary people, but people who have made club history by winning everything there was to win.
“I have read and I thank them. Then the PITCH will give the final verdict and so I hope I don’t disappoint them. 
In fact, if  the opportunity will be given to me I am convinced to be able to give me and give you much satisfaction. 
Their words and those of many other of my former colleagues have filled me with pride. “
What kind of coach you consider yourself to be?
“I like to win, obviously. I can not stand players who smile at the end of a lost game. This is the way to send me into Rage. For now I got two promotions in Serie A that I consider good targets. Results that came with a beautiful football played. “
Yes, but Juve is another thing …
“And you come to tell me? In Juventus shirt I  won everything even if I lost a few games that I shouldn’t and which made me sick. For such situations, however, I find new ideas to take back what I lost. You can always improve. We must continue to improve. Never settle. “
Right spirit. And that determination.
“They are requirements that I will try to transmit immediately to the players, from the first day of preparation they must understand that they must always do their best. One thing I can assure you: if I become the coach of Juventus at the end of each game the boys will leave the field with the sweaty shirt after giving their best. And if they win, our opponents will be the first to congratulate them because they will have beaten a great opponent. “What kind of game you like to play?
“My teams have a clear appearance. The organization and imagination in the offensive game should never fail, even when we are in difficulties.  The important thing, then, is not giving up our beliefs and our personality. As a player I celebrated important Trophies through the sacrifice that is the basis of success. Essential requirements that I try to convey to my players every day. Maybe I can seem relentless, but I am made this way. “

We are on the right track,  what next?
“No, no proclamation, the facts matter. Is on the field that you must prove worthy of the shirt you wear. I know that one of Juve is heavy but, believe me, has a charm of its own. Is unique, extraordinary, and has been my life. “

Since a child  born and bread in Juve. And today is going to Coach/Lead it.
“Wait, there’s time. The fact that my life was born full of black and white is all true. To think that after Lecce I had to go to Rome  where I would have gained a lot more money. Instead Boniperti arrived and I did not think twice. “

For you is completing an exceptional year.
“Essential Season from every point of view. Team, company and fans came from a sad relegationand  was not easy to get to them Back to Serie A right away. But we start strong without losing sight of our goal. It had to be Serie A and in the end Siena is back in the league that’s more competitive. “

There won’t be the UEFA Cups.
“We must cash in on the situation, perhaps reluctantly, but nothing dramatic. LET’S KNOCK on the positive: there will be more time to sweat. We will work hard it’s necessary to return to win and be Champions in all competitions. Including Europe. “

Andrea Agnelli complained. He said new players have not understood the Juve spirit and the old have forgotten it.
“I read, the president is disappointed, as are all the black-white fans. It is a closed chapter, it will re-open another. “

The Owners of the Club has promised two or three big IN-Comings on the Summer Mercato, the intentions are good.
“I’m glad, I take note, but I am not yet the coach of Juve. I think to finish well the season with Siena. There is still a game to play and I want to win it. They did so and I can not change right now. On the contrary: I thank the director Giorgio Perinetti, the sponsor Monte dei Paschi and president Massimo Mezzaroma for giving me this opportunity: you win when you’re in a society that believes in you and is with you. Here, Managers in certain situations are as important as a player. Their closeness you feel it and touch it, it helps you work with more serenity. You should always feel comfortable serenity and transmit to the players in all circumstances. ”  

How many calls did you receive?
“Many, many. And all asking ne the same thing …».  

And you said that?
“What I said to them: I am still the coach of Siena for a week.”