TORINO – You’re a child and you have Juventus shirt? Then you can not enter the stadium in Bergamo. Incredible, but true.
It ‘really happened on Saturday night, as reported by the Eco of Bergamo who devotes a story to the episode, with the testimony of the father of the little fan of Juventus. “Dressed like this he can not enter, you have to cover it,” is heard twice, first at the pre-filtration, then at the turnstiles to enter the stadium.
Tevez’s shirt worn by the child, in fact, was deemed “dangerous” by stewards they feared might trigger quarrels or even worse violence inside the stadium, despite the father and son (along with other atalantini friends ) were not entering the curve.
Eventually the child wore a sweatshirt over the Bianconeri jersey, but – he confessed with a smile – he raised it at the three goals (two of them scored by Tevez).