The class is water if it is smooth. Tricksters, number 10, eyes! The coach does not tolerate low rates: lock, stock and work. Last Friday’s lesson: “There are people who run with two km/h.”

Match interrupted and prolonged cock tone. The waltz is pleasing, but with some variations in style and steps. At full throttle, without the p final, because watching others lifting trophies Conte does not like. If you play at home is 1, if you go outside there is only 2, Mr. X is a Milan script for viral marketing.

In Turin, the top player is here from May 24: the slashes are accepted as the No. 21, Bonucci, and fanned, but is called to order and simplicity in Chiusa. Where Andrea Pirlo from Brescia runs for an hour and a half, while at Milanello (and Beijing) smell the sweat that emanates quality.

The culture of work as a mentality prelude and to winning action. Lippi and Capello as teachers, a fortune sought and found. The arm and the mind. There were once upon a time not far away Sergio Almiron and Tiago Mendes, neighbors: a black tie under the omocromo abito. De gustibus disputandum est. From the “machine” to “shampoo” Arturo : are enough the nicknames to understand the misunderstanding.

The player is not top and is lower if not escorted by Pitbull. Davids, Conte remembers him well: spots and funny challenges with Denilson, but especially good tirelessly km courses. Wearing the shirt 26, from December 2007. When the scudetti were 24, but he was too far ahead.
To be honest, not in the the morattian-sense of the term, the Pirelli campaign said the right: the power is nothing without control.

Quality over quantity, how to make thirty-one after thirty. If we are at Twenty-nine, and then we are missing just a bit. Since June 2004 the impact of a coach was not that important in Torino. Colleagues, call for slogans and redundancies. A top player is born and becomes one, a top trainer is presented to us.

by: Giacomo Scutiero
adapted by: Mike Prise