*********Foto Esclusive ********* Foto LaPresse10 anni dalla morte dell'Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli L'Avvocato Agnelli con la Juventus © LAPRESSE 22-08-1951 TORINO ECONOMIA STADIO COMUNALE DI TORINO NELLA FOTO: PRIMI ALLENAMENTI DELLA JUVENTUS CON LA PRESENZA DEL GEOM. MONATERI E L'AVV; GIANNI AGNELLI. BUSTA 851

Gianni Agnelli passed away exactly 13 years ago today, but his spirit lives on in all those who hold the Bianconeri close to their hearts, as he did.

In his honour I leave you some of his famous quotes on Juventus

“To me, Juventus means a lot sentimentally. In the 1950s and ‘60s when there were substantial flows of migrants to Northern Italy, a lot of southerners chose Turin precisely in order to see the Juventus team in action. For many people, seeing them play live has always been a dream” (in L’Espresso, February 1997)
[On Michel Platini] “We bought him for a piece of bread and he’s put foie gras on top of it”.
“Juventus has a habit of saying and believing that when things are going well, it’s due to the players, but when they aren’t going so well, it’s the company’s fault”.
[On Marcello Lippi] “The best product of Viareggio, after Stefania Sandrelli”.
“[…] Because Juventus, after a century of history already, has become a legend. A legend that started off in a high school in Turin and finished up by gaining nine or ten million fans in Italy and, of course, the same number abroad with a jersey and colours that are known throughout the world“.
“If Baggio is Raphael, Del Piero is Pinturicchio” (statement to newspapers, August 1995).
“Buscetta said he was an obsessive Juventus fan? If you meet him, tell him that’s the only thing he won’t be sorry for”.
[On Franco Zeffirelli] “He’s a great director. But when he talks about football I’m not even listening to him”.
“We’ve always had Juventus. This isn’t a business; it’s a passion, a subjective passion but one that’s shared by a lot of people”.
“Other people talk about Juventus-style; we don’t”.

[Responding to somebody who asked him: “May Juve win or may the best team win?”] “I’m lucky, the two things often coincide”.

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