The challenge with Milan showed a fundamental element: the Juventus is there ‘has filled in a short time the GAP with the others and now if can play maybe with a bit of swagger. The work of Conte was superb, of  managers, and even after dealing quickly Naples and Milan plus without a number of players we can say that in Italy Juve starts in the very first file, you choose the location for good luck. 
At this point we must consider the impact of the Champions League and what will take away, while remaining aware that finishing first in the league is essential and fundamental point of view. Clear goals in the league, hard to say what to expect in the Champions League. Too many formations appear higher on the card, luckily the ball is round … 
In any case, much of the credit is of the man who keep him away, knowing that he’s a top coach, the very top and see him in the cage in the stands puts you wearing a feeling that it ‘s difficult to describe, is like you go to the theater and don’t see the guest star, who loses is the public and Italian football, but maybe this does not interest. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS