Luis Suárez
These days we hear so much talk already looking forward to next season. On the one hand is ‘right to speak and to assume the names of those who could improve the rose next season. On the other hand is ‘also right to point out how this Juventus, at least from the standpoint of offensive, is doing well with twelve goals scored in more of last season.

The various discourses on Sanchez, Jovetic, Belfodil, Lewandowski, Suarez Gomez, Higuain are all legal, but between dream and reality, then there is half the price, the opportunities and the economic availability. Difficult for the next season Juventus will spend more than 20-25 million net of sales for the market. Impossible, so those who aspire to have a quote from 35 to 40 million without a sacrifice. At this point takes over rationality: is it convenient to Juventus sell and deprived of one of its gears to fill the void in attack?

The debate is lawful. On the one hand there are those who say no, because you do not change a winning team. On the other hand, some say yes, as long as there are just substitutes already on the launching pad. the general feeling is ‘that something can also boil in a pot, but to make it it will take truly open bid beyond any logic, an example? Remember Zidane? This is the path would be that, otherwise it’s best to avoid risks, because whoever has the champions, of course, does not give away. Or at least does not give them to Juventus.