Yesterday Arturo Vidal has extended his marriage with the Old Lady until 2017. The Chilean midfielder told his emotions in an interview with Sky Sport 24. Here are his words, reported in full by

Today you have renewed until 2017 …
“I am very happy to stay here four more years with Juventus.”

It ‘a very important renewal. Do you think you become a flag of Juventus?
“Yes, it is a renewal is very important for me, for my family, for all. It ‘a dream stay here at Juventus, a very strong team, a team which for me is a family. So I’m very happy. Thank all the fans , the whole society of Juventus. “

You came here from almost unknown. How was your arrival at Juventus?
“Born with a call of my agent told me that I was chased by Juventus and other teams. And when I heard that he said Juventus, I said, ‘Yes, let us go forward, is the team that I’ve always dreamed of and if there is an opportunity to come here we do it fast ‘(laughs). “

At first you met a little ‘difficulty, a few games on the bench, then Conte has realized that he could not keep you on the bench. What do you remember those first few weeks?
“I can remember many important things for me, beautiful things. Earlier I played a few games because I had to figure out how to deal with all the games here, how to play, how was the tactics on the field, because I was not accustomed.”

When did you realize you were so suitable to Italian football?
“When I came in in the first match against Parma: on the field, I felt that there was the football that was okay with me.”

There was a time when you thought you could finish your adventure at Juventus? There were great teams in Europe chasing you …
“Yes, I heard it, though, as I’ve always said, here I’m happy, I feel good, it is good for my wife and for me this is the most important thing. There is a family in the locker room and it’s hard to go away. “

It ‘s true that you would have liked the number 10 jersey?
“No, no, no. For me there is respect for the jersey 10 because I know only a ‘NAME’ for the number 10 shirt, which is Del Piero. There is no yet a player who can take that shirt. Now Carlitos gets, but there is only one  ‘NAME’ which is forever. “

Would you like that one day become the captain of Juventus?
“Yes, yes, it would be a dream taking the captain’s armband, I think being the captain of Juventus is the maximum.”