As you have already read in the title I was there. Where? in Berlin. When? For the damned UCL Final!

A very very sad trip with an outcome that every football “expert” has predicted… but the reality was different … the reality proved once and for all that Juventus is a TOP team. That has lost after a good fight!

The journey started from my home Saturday at around 14:30 CET and the road towards the airport was awful (first bad sign) , I’ve made it to he airport, left the car in car park and took the transfer bus.
Reached the airport terminal and plunged into the security check, obviously when in a rush nothing goes right, I have waited for the small baggage an eternity ( the second bad sign) and the gate was closing in 5 minutes.
I’ve started to run through the airport terminal towards the gate, finally reached it. Right on time (maybe a good sign?)

The flight actually was spot on. Landed at 16:30 local time. I said to myself I still have time… to meet my friends who just like me are going to watch this final in Berlin even without a ticket (thank you Juventus FC and UEFA).

I’ve made it to the meeting point, AlexanderPlatz where 20 friends but most of all Juventus supporters have come by plane, by cars driving 1500 km, only for one reason!
Juventus was meeting its History (again).

From Alexaderplatz we walked calmly(not really) towards the place where we were going to watch the game together. after 30 minutes of walking we got into the venue.
The Juventus Supporters are the vast majority (70%). Great.

The third bad sign is the lady who runs the place where I have booked to watch the game. Before the game started we have had our cheering songs, loud and proud, but not offending any one. Obviously although the place has hosted and is still hosting these kind of events (the last and most obvious the World Cup final 2014) has never seen something like us. Ahhh yeahh back to the lady: she decides to cut us of, and threatens us that if we continue singing Juventus songs, loud and proud, she will throw us out (keep in mind that this was a pre-booked event and we have paid an entrance fee).

In that moment precisely I’ve wanted to change the venue. But moving 22 people around Berlin 45 minutes before the UCL Final kick-off would have been very crazy.

So everyone decided to ignore the lady and to wait for the game to start…

The game we all know how it ended…. what you don’t know is the agonizing pain that we felt during the game and the immense joy that lasted not enough only to be followed by a despicable ending…

What you also don’t know is that after the game Alexanderplatz (to be clear – in Berlin) was full of Juventus supporters even after the 6th lost UCL final. And that’s a record that no SANE supporter would like to share.

Alexanderplatz was Black&White at least until 2pm when I was escorted by my wife towards the hotel.

Ahhh … The picture that you see me in is taken the DAY AFTER. At the UCL festival at the Brandenburg Gate where I am trying to embrace one our Heroes.

Gianluigi Buffon one of  our players, excuse me, one of the ICONS of world football.

It was a sour and sad trip, actually I’ve just got in my house and I am writing this lines so I can share it with you.

What I have learned from this experience? That Juventus needs to be loved in THESE MOMENTS, in times like this and not only in times of VICTORIES.

And I close my small article, by saying WE WILL WIN this DAMNED competition, sooner than later!

Bianconeri siamo noi! Fino alla fine! Forza Juventus!