A picture with Me and My Pride!

Here we go again, are trying to mount a case. And, unfortunately, we have to repeat: Conte was right. Because the case are mounting it on the shirt of Buffon even before his words.

Starting from Fabrizio Bocca of Repubblica, through the President of the AIA Marcello Nicchi trying to shift the focus on Buffon instead on the inability of himself and his men, usually to arrive a coach of Serie B that in these cases is never lacking to pontificate, to many other opinion leaders throughout the print media, for TV and the web.

Buffon is the means to attack again Juve, who at this point should decide to interrupt her silence and officially take a stand to defend their rationed from the lynch which is being controlled by the moralists.

The same champions of hypocrisy and moralism borrowed that, if Buffon did the hero as they would like in a world cupfinal, would be all lined up on the other side, ready to cook him alive for having lost the National team.

The Italian journalism is dying in this small, furry, and to invent specious arguments about nothing, to put on the cross those who only have the courage to admit what everyone would think and everybody would do, as confirmed from any of his colleagues, from Thiago Silva to his National team mates. Of course, in such cases it is easier to go from Zeman, the champion on the morality joke, rather than making serious people and real journalists, better tell the world of fairy tales rather than the real one.

They speak of ethics, those who have undermined Juventus without haviing any scruples, without elaborating, without wondering if they were not exaggerating by chance, without posing the question of the dignity of a man ridiculed and passed over for the Riina of football , struck by family ties with the release of wiretaps of any criminal or sporting value. They attack the wagon where he asks for their master and then talk about morality. The moral to alternate plates, as always.

I have to again bring up the AC Milan, but in this case not to argue directly with the Rossoneri, just to understand the intolerable hypocrisy of what they are mounting this days. Remember the hand ball from Seedorf in Milan-Bologna was not punished with the penalty? And remember how explained the Dutch footballer? “I have not taken directly with the arm – said Seedorf – the ball took a strange path and I took first with my chest and then with my arm. So it is not a penalty-kick.” link

The images everybody has seen them (link), surely even the improvised moralists of these days. He had not taken his chest was clear to all. What Buffon had announced with the intention Seedorf applied in practice. Did not admit the hand ball, did not help the referee, indeed he has invented the first bale of taking it with his chest. Where were then the phenomena of ethical codes that are being unleashed now? Where was the moralizing Bohemian, promptly asked when the script of the play requires the doc antijuventino? Because Mr. Nicchi did not got angry and not doomed Seedorf who had not set a good example?

I confirm that mine is not an attack on the Dutch player, indeed, I say it even better: Seedorf did well, at least at half. He did well not to bury his team and to take advantage of the oversight of Rocchi who was there to see his hand ball. Did less well to come up with the first touching his chest, he had better do as Buffon and say: I took it with my arm, but the referee did not notice, it happens. This is football, not the world of fairy tales.

But still it is his problem, and do not allow myself to give him moral lessons. Of course I had a double fortune to have pocketed the failure of the referee and to wear the right shirt, which has sheltered the shameless hypocrisy of moralists and ethical in alternating phases. Then they all lived in the real world, where the players think about the good of their team. Saturday evening, however, have suddenly rediscovered Alice in Wonderland. The ethics, example, morality, De Coubertin.

The power of a shirt in black&white stripes. 

adapted by: Mike an article of Alessio Epifani @ Ju29ro.com