DNA Juve, stadium and equal treatment. These are the hot topics of the president Andrea Agnelli. These are the issues he faced in an interview to the magazine “Hurrah Juventus”. Agnelli immediately wanted to point out that expects a lot different season from the previous. And well aware that we have to find the Juve DNA, that something extra that the Juventus team seems to have lost on the road a few years ago. It then assigns to his new coach Antonio Conte to retrieve it. Conte, continues Agnelli, has always been a happy Juventus DNA carrier, and may therefore be an example for the whole team. He, like Alex Del Piero and Gigi Buffon, who will help the coach to bring the team back to levels that compete.
The president of Juventus, then spent a few words for the new bianconero stadium . A structure, as yet unnamed, that will bring huge revenues to Juventus. Money that could be reinvested in the technical fund’s of the team, and will put Juve like the economic superpowers of football. A whole new house for Juventus and his supporters, which marks a great step forward for the entire Italian football movement.

Agnelli then meet the thorny issue Calciopoli. Staying on the position taken after the sensational decision of the league that decided not to decide, the president continues to demand equal treatment for his team, and
“if it will not be guaranteed, as we have already seen, we will evaluate all possible paths to follow.”

The bianconero people can not wait now that these roads, or paths to follow, are taken as soon as possible.