I am aware that we still miss a piece in the puzzle! But I am doing all my best!
He is trying, Beppe Marotta. Aware that Milan has done something (Merkel and Mesbah) and probably will, see Maxi Lopez and perhaps even Calitos Tevez, Marotta does not want to miss the train and find himself unprepared. To give Conte the right men to fight until the end, must be treated, you have to transact, you have to struggle, you must overcome the contenders. 

Marotta knows this and has now won the exhaustion Del Nido (Sevilla president) and Cellino. With the first the deal took some time: we started in late December and now we are almost at the end of Market. Or shut or closed, there was no alternative: about 10 million with bonus to take it or leave it and Seville took it. With Cellino, the road is passable. Favors and counterfavors keep open the path of dialogue and of constructiveness. 

15 million are many but perhaps Nainggolan is one of the few midfielders that to Juventus would change at all three central midfielders offering quality and quantity. A key player, which could give a big hand in the physical, athletic and character. If Nainggolan would arrive after Borriello and Caceres would be a important trio, Juve will change? We do not know, certainly would give a big hand to Antonio Conte. 

 source: tuttojuve.com 
adapted by: Mike Prise