Europe problem What has become clear so far is that Juve in Serie A, with rare exceptions, goes on automatic pilot: knows what to do and how to do it, knows his opponents and defuse them before they try to hurt her. Even in Florence, in the only meeting not won this season, the Bianconeri have been able to manage the difficult time giving the viola just a few shots from outside except for that famous minute at the end of the first half when Jovetic took the crossbar and Ljajic ended in front of Buffon. In Europe, however, the situation is different: as studies in Vinovo in the week, Juve comes before the master Champions League a bit timid because it has fewer certainties and knowledge. So at the beginning of game is not overwhelming and aggressive as in the league and rarely manages to get hold of the game. It ‘s true that so far has dealt first away the European champions Chelsea and then at home to Shakhtar Donetsk with his game at the same time operated and aggressive and continuous movements between the lines seems made to embarrass Juve because removes not only control but also the opportunity to enhance the specificity of players like Vidal and Marchisio
Authority And when it gets harder, Juve would need his coach. Conte, on his own admission of the group, can remotely control the players, to guide the movements among the screams of the fans. Just one look, sometimes, to change a game. And some advice immediately and directly facing the field has an effect quite different from an indication that part of the the stands, it goes through a couple of phones, it bounces near the bench and ends up to the players. We will never have proof to the contrary, but one suspects that Conte would have been able to shake the team in bad start against Shakhtar. Conte then also knows come up with the changes of module that last year, for example, transformed the matches against Milan (from 3-5-2 to 4-3-3) and Inter (from 4-3 -3 to 3-5-2). It has the authority to demand that no one else speaks and all follow his directives. Juve discipline is strict, but it happens that the desire to give more and help the team, each risk of trespass, maybe say a word too much. There is not a top player, but to put everything in place would be enough the top manager: because Conte counts. A lot. 

 source: GdS (by Graziano-Olivero)

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