We have recently seen advanced and postponemented games of Seria A. We were impressed that the sign of the game we should play Dec. 21 will start at 18. Frankly, we thought already hallucinating that this games could be played in the evening, see the ice, but we overlook. 

We believe hallucinating the time of 18 because it is humanly inconceivable that many fans have to take permission from work or miss the show because television requirements that we do not know. 

The time of the 18 we have only seen in the Russian games of the Champions … or in some little game of the Italian Cup.This time is a loss for Udinese that will surely oblige his subscribers fans to the sacrifices, losing some receipts; for both Juventus fans who can not see all the game, since in principle up to 18 people work and is not at home. 

It’s also harmful for the TV that would have others watching at 20.45. What law prevented from playing 22 December 20.45 hours? Perhaps a Christmas party? Mystery … 

The only question before us is: “but how did this cross the Football League mind?”. Someone will respond? Certainly not.