In his long editorial to TMW, Fabrizio Biasin, head of the sports pages of Libero, has spoken also about Paul Pogba. Here are his words:

“.. I have observed (also) Paul Pogba. He did not had the tuft, or jaunty scarf like Fellini, but in the first half seemed Malgioglio: zero ideas, little presence, no contrast won. The boy woke up in the second half and, at least in flashes, and showed why is worthy a  mountain of money.

Yesterday were unleashed the critics and villains: “He should have been sold last summer” or “other than 100 million now is worth not even at 30” or “Pirlo and Vidal hid the character limitations of the French.” WRONG. Pogba is a phenomenon, will be even more in the future. The problem is that most people know that his future will not be at Juve.

Some people talk about an agreement already signed with Barcelona for the transfer of the boy in the Blaugrana after the European Championships. We do not know if it’s true, but if it is the Bianconeri have made a colossal mistake: we do not build a new team on the shoulders of a player who will go away. If you kept him is because you hope he stays for a long time, vice versa would have been better to sell him immediately and to keep Vidal.

The middle way (I keep him, but I have an agreement with Barcelona) may prove a disaster according to the equation “player already settled down and with the Europeans to play = player who unconsciously does not spit blood.” If, as possible, there is no pre-agreement with the Spanish, then the Juventus club would do well to silence the sirens branded “Mundo Deportivo” which also recently reaffirmed “Pogba is already a Barcelona player” and who yesterday spoke of  yet another meeting Braida-Marotta to define the modalities on how to do it. Voices decidedly annoying … “