Tevez after scoring the 2-1 in Juventus - Fiorentina
Tevez after scoring the 2-1 in Juventus – Fiorentina

When the president of Boca Daniel Angelici said in TV “for Tevez we have not spent a single euro” in a few realized that he did intend to spend not even in the future. Certainly he did not think to the poor Carlitos. Poor mainly because the first salary from the club from Baires is still waiting. One issue that after only three months already undermines the link between the idol of Fuerte Apache and the club. He was back at the Bombonera for love, but sometimes love is worth less than a weight of laundry, and just a pay check to late, very late, would evaporate.

For Boca has gave up on Juventus, to the idea of taking revenge after the lost Champions, especially for half of the salary of 5.5 million. Everything for that shirt, for that city, for the “barrio” where at the Selección of Messi and Di Maria they did not even look, if Carlitos doesn’t play. A love that has hidden for years under the t-shirts with the names of the poorest districts, showing them after each beautiful goal. But if the salary does not arrive, of the Barrio and the mesh who remembers anymore.

“But how come? I sacrifice for you and I am rewarded in this way?”, He must have wondered Carlitos. Sin of treason, or perhaps the 3 million left in Italy to him must have seemed a sufficient waiver. After just three months is ready to tear up the contract and run away: he already had a fight with the myth Riquelme.

In Turin almost they do not believe it, thinking back to the whims assembled by Carlitos just to bring forward by one year his farewell. Juve certainly does not have claims to boast with Boca. But who knows if Agnelli and Marotta do not think, at least a little, to the idea of getting Tevez back.

adapted an article from Repubblica