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MILAN, February 13, 2014 – Since the summer could be put a stop to the co-ownership, institution often chatted that exists only in Italy and in the past has also ruffled the antennas the tax authorities. Of course, the ongoing operations would not be affected and there would be a transitional period of a couple of years to allow companies to dissolve the partnerships already active, maybe even out of the windows foreseen at the time. But already by the next session of the market, if the project goes through, the clubs will not enter into new co-ownership. In short, a historic breakthrough.

Numbers and criticality There are currently 164 open co-ownership, pertaining to the teams of the top division (among themselves and with other categories), including 92 expires in June. In this budget, “assets” in the balance sheet worth about 130 million in Serie A, while in the income statement, the balance positive between income and expenses amounted to just 15 million in the 2012-13 season. Often times it has abused this institute to do a little ‘cosmetic accounting. And there have been discrepancies, because on the one hand there are the signs of the FIGC, the other the IAS / IFRS principles listed on the stock exchange. Not to mention the disputes with the Internal Revenue Service that, in the end, decided to exclude from capital gains taxes, however, by subjecting them to IRAP. Problems have also arisen from the lack of harmonization with the FIFA and UEFA. For all these reasons in Lega they think that co-ownership is coming to an end.