The time has come for Simone Zaza, of the rest in the end in football you have to be good and lucky and Simone must be able to exploit the opportunities which in the big teams arrive and never return. He must be good at knowing how to seize upon this first game as a starter in the match that will come with Frosinone.

It has not been easy so far to enter the Juventus world for Zaza and also the game against Genoa has seen a player with a strong desire but still is not fully in line with the group and where the agreement with the team-mates it’s still not there.

We know that the expectations are high, moreover for Zaza was and is, the striker of national team, a young player of great prospect with excellent technical skills that must collect the full confidence and full support of the fans, but it will be just the center forward of Policoro having to prove to be ready right from match on Wednesday against Frosinone and maybe even more in the match against Napoli to take the trust that is a necessary condition for being able to play as a starter at Juventus.

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