TURIN, May 22, 2012Gonzalo Higuain is located in Buenos Aires, Luis Suarez is preparing to fly over the next few days in Montevideo. For both it is time to earn the next World Cup with their national teams (involved in the qualification round). The Argentine will take the field against Ecuador on June 2, the Uruguayan on the same day but three hours delay, against Venezuela. More or less the same distance that separates them in the race for Juve. The Pipita starts with a few meters ahead of the opponent, especially for the preference expressed for him by the leaders Bianconeri. But the difference is minimal and overtaking can happen at any time. But eye to restock of Edinson Cavani, the third of South American bomber targeted by Juve, but the first on the list of Antonio Conte

THE RIGHT TIMES After the first round, one that included a first talks with the agents of the two South American, Juve prepares the second, much more challenging. Obtained the maximum YES for the transfer to Juventus from Higuain and from Suarez (in the sense that nothing is signed, but on the figures there is a convergence and a sporting level the full availability), Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici must now began knocking on the door of Real Madrid and Liverpool. 

LIVERPOOL REBUS Indeed the second round will not delay. Juve within a week to ten days will knock on the door of Real and Liverpool to see if there is real scope to conclude the deal (obviously one excludes other ), or not. At the level of personal relationships for bianconeri market men is easier to approach the Real, from the point of view of the negotiation Suarez presents less unknowns. This for the simple reason that the Uruguayan transfer from Ajax to Liverpool was just a year and a half ago, so the price can not be changed substantially. If Suarez was worth 26.5 million in January 2011, today we can speak about a transfer on the basis of 25-30 million. The arrival of Higuain at Real dates back five seasons ago and understand how the club Madridista evaluate his attacker is not easy even for Juve. In short, the next round will allow Juve to understand whether there is reason to remain in the ring or if instead, taps abandon. In Corso Galileo Ferraris, we already said in recent days, there is cautious optimismson of the will expressed by Higuain and Suarez attempted to follow the black and white. But still no certainty they can spend. And if the sentences of Suarez who yesterday circulated over Europe (“Barca and Real have not contacted me”) are old of some day and do not substantially change things, to be able to change the scenario is rather what is happening in Liverpool. News that should be read. Werner has indeed contacted Frank De Boer, technical and good friend of Suarez of Ajax, suggesting the occupied until last week by Kenny Dalglish. But De Boer has refused the bench, apparently because the programs shown did not convinced. Which strengthens the voices of a downsizing underway at Anfield, bound to result in the sale of the Uruguayan. 

source: Tuttosport (by Gianni Lovato)
adapted by: Mike Prise