Question: Which is the team with the Least Penalties awarded in Serie A?
Many black-white fans, at 5 minutes from the end of the match with Siena, have wondered why Peruzzo did not give a penalty so blatant, seen by 22 players on the pitch and in the Juventus Stadium by 40,000? Opinion leaders and moviolisti, but also the designator Braschi and others, spoke of technical error. A penalty like this, black-white fans thought, would have given to AC Milan or M***A, but also Roma, Lazio, at Parma, and was granted on an action similar – to less obvious- to Fiorentina in the game with Udinese won yesterday.

What leads a referee to not whistle a solar penalty to Juventus at home with 5 minutes from the end? Someone, the authoritative Casarin, declares that the young Peruzzo in action is badly positioned, overlooking the center area and not the arm of Vergassola. Let us give an explanation, we consider plausible.

Suppose obviously there is no disingenuous. Peruzzo did not whistle because it is not 150% sure of what happened. Peruzzo did not whistle because he knows that if the one who is wrong in giving the penalty to Juventus, will have to put up with hours and hours of debate on the networks of Sky, Mediaset, RAI and private television and radio, will be held up for days and days on Gazzetta and all of the Official specialist press and not as “the referee who favored Juve.”

We saw last week with a half-hour of debate on Mediaset Premium on an alleged free kick outside the box for Udinese for contact Armero-Chiellini or a few days before, when studies still on Mediaset and Sky, spent an hour discuss the alleged penalty of Denis (in offside) rather than praise Juve, as he warned the same Colantuono. And we have proof in the days after the alleged errors of Guida for foul hands complained in Juve-Cagliari, when it was also the first half with Juventus ahead of a goal.

And yet, a few months ago, they discussed a week on the of doubt penalty and irelevance of Giaccherini against Cesena.

Peruzzo then, when in doubt, whistles against Juve. It seems nothing has changed respect to the fateful phrase of Carraro, then reported by Bergamo to the referee of Juve-M***A in 2005: “When in doubt, please, do not favor  Juve!”

That “please” is not due to a clear intent to encourage “other”, or to “disadvantage” openly Juve, but it is in the interest of those who appoints and manages the referees to avoid more than anything else the bass drum media anti-Juventus ready to trumpet for days any perceived connection Juve-Referees, even if irrelevant or indirect.

Nothing has changed then. If Ibrahimovic goes down without being touched in Bologna, in the same game in which Seedorf takes the ball in hands so blatant, it comes to technical error or oversight, when Pato is a foul on Manfredini and sees assigned a decisive penalty in Bergamo or Boateng simulates blatantly, just with the Siena -all whistles pro Milan- all the media attention is minimal and even the Rossoneri go into a news blackout “against” Mediaset, while Tosel flying over amiably on the simulation of Boateng, as he has always done all these years except in the case of a “Serbian simulator and not serious” Krasic, only player banned for 3 rounds for a crime more frequent and repeated evasion in Italy.

If at the same time, Marotta rightly calls attention to the referees with the right personality to arbitrate the league leaders, in the same studies of Mediaset readily recalls the previous Help of Guida with Cagliari, but it glosses over the most holy penalties denied to Juve as in flight of Marchisio with M***A, a few weeks ago, of Vucinic at Lecce. And, sure, Marotta calls for respect, not overt rejections as those asked elsewhere.

So here’s a young referee, not to be singled out as having a game decided in favor of Juve, when in doubt whistles against Juve and avoid the media can-can. We believe that the same Peruzzo at 1-0 or 2-0 for Juve the same penalty would have whistled, but “when in doubt, please, never favor Juve!”

source: adapted by: Mike Prise