We complained Saturday on the distribution of TV rights. Why? Because we believe it is small, too small the slice of Juventus. We start from the data, Juventus now takes 88, 80 with the new division would take a right figure ? No, not at all. that’s why. From 2013, Sky will pay approximately $ 560 million for the TV rights, Mediaset about 270. Total: 830 million euros. 

 Considering that the survey research gives Juventus an audience between 20% (the lowest) to 30% (the best), Juventus does not take from the new distribution even 10% of the total share, considering the two main platforms satellite and digital. We were not crazy to complain last week. Okay the division gives something to everyone, but here we are at the depreciation of the brand and the value of a company. Possible that Juventus has to give up 2 / 3 of her value? 

 If Juventus were to recognize her true value, we assume at least a decline of 15% , would be entitled to approximately 120 million euros. A fair value, equal to what perceive Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain. If you think that is just the enhancement, then the next time you look at both interviews of Meggiorini and Del Piero and do not change the channel for the interview Andujar to follow Buffon, the audience according to this distribution is almost the same. 

 You choose, do you prefer a more balanced league or more competitive teams in Europe ? If you choose the first, then do not continue to sue us for Barcelona, you wanted to …. 

 by:Massimo Pavan