“Less is more” (anonymous French)
Starting from the fact that the Leagues in Italy are abnormal not only for the “calcioscommesse”(Football betting). There are several games that seem to have already been written, either for the obvious technical gap, either because one of the two teams in the field has no motivation.
I dwell on the “system” ,to explain in a few lines, how you can tarot a championship.
Championships 2010-2011: 760 games in series A. 924 in series B. 1684 games in all.
In 1980, the year of the first “calcioscommesse”, Serie A, at 16 teams, had 480 games. Series B, 612. 1092 games all over.
Six hundred of difference races, about: almost the equivalent of an entire championship. You know what it means in terms of cost this. In terms of revenue, given the empty stadiums, it doesn’t change much. Indeed, less competition may have fill a bit more the stadiums.
As for the television rights, as they were centralized, having more teams is to have a smaller slice of the pie: the media must sell a quality product, not an excess number of games.

With the increase of the league games are also decreased games in Italy Cup, produced devalued beyond belief, and has diminished the competitiveness of Serie A teams in the international games, in order to keep pace with the series A games, the teams have to snub competitions in Europa League.

In serie A:

In 1980,the champions went to the Champions Cup, 2 in UEFA Cup, 3 relegated.
Today, 4 teams go into the Champions League, 2 in Europa League, 3 relegate.

In serie B:

Back then, 3 teams were promoted, four relegated.
Today, 2 are promoted, four make the playoffs, 3 relegate, two make playout.

In a Diluted championship like Serie A, the number of “useless” games is growing exponentially, with the result that the temptations increase and the motivation decrease, once everything is pretty much decided.

Add to this the number of teams that debt at the end of the month, do not pay salaries on time, especially at “Lega Pro” (where the games have remained the same), but also among professionals.

Is the system itself, being sick. Bets, if they are, they are only a symptom of the disease.

If the number of teams would be reduced, then the league would become more competitive and thus more attractive on the market. For once, “less is more” makes sense.

For television and sponsors, will enhance the fiew games, and the Italian Cup, with matches maybe on weekends. The Europa League would have more appeal then for the fans.

Less competition, means less number of players in a team (thus lower costs and more competition), games more interesting, since it’s a fight, and less chance of risks for the teams on the field .

Less competition means less worn-out players for the national team.

This means, for example, Lazio – Inter a year ago became a game that made sense for both teams. Because is not just betting that the games offer ideas of an ethical debate.

Reducing the numer of the teams, rather than talk about suspensions, we should talk about compensating the characters involved, both the club damaged, both the FIGC, both the fans and the bettors.

If football is sick, it’s because no one wants to cure it. Today we talk about repechages: I say the league should be reduced to 16 teams, like the serie B. With four promotions and four relagations a year. In the case of scandals and relegation at the table (that I wish to no fan) they should however begin to work in this direction.